To The Manchester United Mongo Who Called Police To Talk To Manager- I Hear Ya, Pal


I’ll be the first to admit, my soccer knowledge is quite minimal.

However, I’ve learned that perennial powerhouse Manchester United is having a less than stellar year. As a fan of a team that expects excellence year in and year out (Yankees), I feel your pain.

So on Wednesday, a British mongo decided to get “all liquored up” and run “his mouth off” to a 999 (United Kingdom version of 911) dispatcher, when he asked for MU manager Alex Ferguson after they lost to Sunderland in the Capital One Cup.

The caller slurred his anger when he declared, ” The result is all wrong, they had extra time and it was a total and utter load of rubbish.”

That’s some serious balderdash!

He added that the crime he wanted to report, “That Manchester United were absolutely knackered.”

While I don’t condone abusing emergency lines to spout off about trivial topics like sports, I can sympathize with the fan who wants answers.

I was once a similar mongo.

In 1998 after hearing the Yankees had traded David Wells to the Blue Jays for longtime villain Roger Clemens, I wanted to know why. So, I called Yankee Stadium to speak to general manager Brian Cashman.

Suprisingly, I was not connected as he was “unavailable”. I don’t remember my grievances that I ordered the secretary to write down (which I’m sure she didn’t), but I felt my displeasure had done something to right this cosmic injustice.

Maybe I handled it better by not wasting the time of the police, but my message to that Manchester mongo:

I see you.

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