If No One Is Watching The Pro Bowl, Then Why Is Everyone Watching The Pro Bowl ?


In an effort to garner genuine interest in an exhibition game a week before the biggest football game of the year, the NFL went a different route than they normally do. Instead of breaking down the teams solely by AFC or NFC, Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice have “drafted” their teams in a poor and reprocessed MTV Rock and Jock style of idiocy.

Now, I can imagine the jaded barbs you’ve ex hanged with your buddies.  “I’m not watching that crap.  It’s a joke.  It’s the worst of the All-Star games.  And now they think that because Deion and Rice are involved I’ll actaully watch? Screw that!”.  I know, I know. You won’t watch.  But chances are, you will.

Last Fall, all the sports pundits told us how great of a World Series the Red Sox versus the Cardinals would be.  “This is what people want to see!”,  “These are great baseball cities.  The game needs this”, and other similar phrases were repeated over and over again.  Well, guess what?  During the six games, the fans tuned in and contributed to a viewership that averaged 14.9 million viewers.  Last year’s Pro Bowl did 12.2 million including the most viewed All-Star game the entire year.  That’s right. The championship of “America’s Pastime” barely edged a pile of shit that “no one” watches.

So, why would people actually settle down to watch this farce of a game?  Are they a glutton for magical intramural football? And more importantly, are your friends just plain liars?

I don’t have all the answers, but some theories.

First of all, the NFL tantalizes you with the pigskin all year. So with 14 days until the “Big Game”, they bait you with a morsel of a sport resembling football.  C’mon just check it out.  You know the names involved.  No, they won’t be doing anything really competitive, but this looks like football.   Eventually, you switch the game and you don’t leave until it’s over.

Second, is the pure unadulterated gambling.  Sad to admit this, but yes, I’ve bet on the Pro Bowl.  A bit of advice if you want to mix gambling with the Pro Bowl, take the over.  Honestly, if you plan on going the under route I will assume you relish in pure punishment.

Third, there isn’t really anything else on.  Most premier college basketball games are on Saturday and only the scraps are left come Sunday.  And I don’t know about you, but I can’t really get up for a NBA game where a team is playing its opponent for the sixth time in hopes of playing them in the playoffs for seven more games.

So, while you’re gloating with bombast that you won’t be tuning into the game in Honolulu, I know the truth.  In fact, we all do.

You’re watching the Pro Bowl.


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