Your Unfunny Memes Are Going To Kill Facebook, Study Says


It’s safe to assume that on a daily basis you scroll through your Facebook timeline and are bombarded with loads of useless crap.

Inane videos, recycled memes, people constantly posting links to their blog-Actually strike that last one because that guy is awesome, so tough shit.

But, according to a recent study, all that dribble is bringing down the social media behemoth to the tune of 80% of its users jumping ship.

A Princeton research group likens Facebook to an “infectious disease” that spreads quickly, contaminates the host, and then dies off. You telling us that you are “sooooo tired after a long day!! Omg!” is your personally submitted online pollution.

“Facebook users will lose interest in Facebook over time as their peers lose interest”, the model claims. Even with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s readiness to adapt to the masses, the future looks bleak as more than three-quarters of users are due to disappear between 2015-2017.

So, you better hurry and tell us if you “don’t want to get out of bed 🙁 ” or share that “Most Interesting Man In The World” meme for the 987th time. Because soon, no one will be there to read it.

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