MLB Wants You To Walk Through A Metal Detector Starting In 2015


Even though there were zero reported stabbings or gun shots fired in a baseball stadium last year or all the years before it, Major League Baseball will be implementing a mandatory security check of the metal detector variety starting in 2015.

No more half-hearted pat downs where security grabs your hips and says, “You’re good”. Now, we’re taking this to TSA style, where either a handheld detector or an airport walkthrough procedure is now required.

The Mariners plan to start the enhanced security show in 2014, and MLB has experienced good results from previous usage during the All-Star Game and World Series.

Apparently, the extra need for security is due to last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.

I’m all for safety and security everywhere. In fact, the people that whine about the security procedure at the airport make me sick. They’re doing it, so your plane doesn’t blow up and you live!

But, I’m not sure about this. If there was a rampant problem in baseball parks with gunwaving patrons or stabbing every other night, then fine. It just seems like an extra hassle to a sometimes extremely frustrating day at the ballpark.

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