Fuller, Easy On The Pepsi. Man Beats, Stabs Brother Over Last Soda


If this was a Super Bowl commercial, it would, without a doubt, totally blow away any boring E-Trade baby ad.

After getting bombed all day watching the NFC Championship game, 50 year-old Jersey City, NJ resident Michael Charles (never trust anyone with two first names) warned his roommate and brother not to touch that last can of Pepsi.

His brother responded with “go fuck yourself” and struck him over the head with a pipe like he was a WWE superstar.

Predictably, Michael was not happy, so his response was to stab him in the chest. The brother fought back in self-defense with his own knife and stabbed Michael in the arm.

A gentle and charming sibling in the most endearing way…

Why are two grown men clamoring for a can of soda after a long day of boozing? Who knows. But, history has shown that people can get quite unruffled when they don’t have their sugary carbonated water fix.

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