Ex-NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Is A Bad Guy

Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Javaris Crittenton appears in Los Angeles Superior Court for an extradition hearing with attorney Brian Steel in downtown Los Angeles

It’s safe to say Javaris Crittenton just doesn’t give a fuck.

Out on bail, fresh out of jail stemming from a 2011 murder charge, the one-time Washington Wizard guard was indicted Wednesday for his serious involvement in an interstate drug running squad.

Serious to the tune of 400 kilos of cocaine and 10 pounds of weed.  That’s no “White Mike” status, that’s Marlo Stanfield status.

It seems like ages ago that Crittenton was an Atlanta high school standout and was Mr. Georgia Basketball.  In fact, he wasn’t just a dumb jock either, as he sported a 3.5 GPA and was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America.

That does not sound like a murderous, gun waving, drug pushing thug.

But, after the infamous Washington Wizards locker room version of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, Crittenton has been sucked into the word of bad decisions that continue to this day.

So, now this golden boy has been blackballed from the league, killed a mother of  four, threatened the prosecutor in his murder trial, and is a member of a not so small drug ring.

Wow, what a waste.  Javaris, you’re a bad guy.

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