Detroit Is Officially Giving Up. May Honor Robocop With 10 Ft. Statue


Just because you’re the largest city to ever file for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you can act like assholes.

In an effort to make a beaten city look even more hapless, a bronze 10 foot statue of the immortal RoboCop has been completed and is looking for a home in the Motor City. The creators at Venus Bronze Works are hoping RoboCop’s noble spirit and ass kicking justice will bring brighter days to a city that was thriving, but now is infested with drugs, most likely NUKE.

“Robo” meaning “robotic” and “Cop” meaning “Cop” saved the city from economic ruin in 1987, but the year in the movie was actually 2029.   Looks like the politicians were such big RoboCop fans they couldn’t wait to ruin Rock City.  Lucky for them, he’s back again in 2014 in both movie and statue form.

If there is an underground clique of hardcore RoboCop fans that will descend upon Detroit and cure-all the financial ills of the city resulting in municipal bliss, then there sure will be egg on my face.  But, I don’t see cities making this a thing of honoring fictional characters. I’d be highly surprised to see a statue of Jimmy McNulty erected outside Baltimore City Hall or a bust of Will Smith outside the Pentagon after beating up all those aliens in Independence Day.

Ahhh, Detroit.  Maybe you should worry about bigger fish to fry, (like your livelihood) instead of wasting your time on fake robotic cops that could barely take down that snotty little kid in RoboCop 2.


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