To Honor It’s 915 Episodes, Here Is The Best COPS Clip Ever (VIDEO)


Unbeknownst to many, including myself, COPS was actually cancelled by Fox last May, but was picked up the wizards at Spike TV.  The oldest and only realistic “reality” show also continues as COPS Reloaded on the Country Music Channel.  However, the episodes playing there are actually edited, mashed up, and shortened ones from classic clips.

Oh, that best clip thing? I thought you’d never ask.

Don’t you dare call this street-walker a drug dealer!

Calling the cops after a drug deal goes wrong is not a smart move.  And honestly, if THIS cop shows up it sucks even more. Fans of the show know this guy, with his hip sunglasses neck-band, can be a condescending dick.

But, it’s just a big misunderstanding.  Turns out the woman accused of stealing drug money and not providing drugs is NOT a drug dealer.  In reality, she’s a prostitute!, as she tells us with great pride.  Calling a prostitute a drug dealer is basically unforgivable.  Sorry, I do not know when the beatification of the lady of the night is scheduled for.






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