Roddy White Says Richard Sherman, #1 Seed Seattle Seahawks Are “Front-Runners”. Well Duh


On Tuesday, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White sat down with Dave Dameshek to discuss the current state of the teams remaining in this year’s playoff tournament ie. Not his team.

When it came to the Seahawks, White, who has a history of trash-talking with Seattle’s defensive back Richard Sherman, called the Seahawks “front-runners”.

Yeah, they’re allowed to do that when they’re the number one seed in the NFC, had a 14-3 regular season record, and still remaining as one of the final four teams in the playoffs.

“When they’re winning and everything’s going good, they jump around”, said White. “They yell and scream. But when they’re not winning, then there’s not too much of that going on.”  Well, no shit, Roddy.

Unless you’re the classless Jets, that pretty much applies to every team.  Most teams do act bragadocious and puff they’re chest out when the W’s keep piling up and usually creep back into the shadows when futility is common.

I know the Seahawks, and especially Sherman, can rub people the wrong way, as they can get outrageous with they’re celebrating.  However, when you have a great season and you’re still playing in the 3rd week of January, you’ve earned that right.

It appears Mr. White has a serious case of sour grapes as his team was in the NFC Championship Game last year and hoped to build off that in 2013.  Unfortunately, they were one the league’s biggest disappointments, as they ended the campaign with a woeful 4-12.

My advice to you Mr. White: Before you open you mouth about superior teams being happy with their success, tread lightly.

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