Fridays With Francesa 1/17/14 Macho Man Edition!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

This week’s installment has all the trimmings of a perfect Francesa prank call.

First, the oddity of the caller suggesting the late wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage would have any outcome on how a football season would end up. Then, the few seconds it takes Mike brain to realize what is actually happening and how to proceed.

And, how can you not love Francesa’s insanely corny rebuttal? “Whatsamattta? Your cartoon wasn’t on?”

The whole episode is sealed with what everyone should have probably known it at least assumed: Mike has met the Macho Man.

Just add him to the list of the amazing interesting people who gave been lucky enough to be around Mike Francesa.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the call!

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