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I’m sure you’ve seen this doozy. You know, the commercial where a seemingly normal family is enjoying their day as the paternal figure waits with baited breath to hear an announcement from a “doctor” on television?

Oh right. Now, you’ve seen it.

I never really understood why these prescription medicine commercials have to be do outrageous and craving attention. Until it hit me: I’m getting old.

Let me explain.

When you were a kid, your parents would invent new ways for you to eat the food that was good for you, but perhaps wasn’t your favorite.

Now that were adults, the same rings true. Even though all these little colorful pills will help to increase life expectancy, many are resistant to take them. Why? Because most people don’t like taking pills and because they are extremely stubborn.

So, the brilliant minds in the pharmaceutical business split their two commercials into genres.

The first category is the feel good sensation of life resembling nirvana group. These commercials feed off the beauty of aging, the tranquility of nature, and the blissful Shangri-La that one feels in duel bathtubs with their spouse. Take pills, live longer, and enjoy life.

The second group, which is force fed during sporting events, is the goofyWeekend at Bernie’s type of comedy that accompanies popular medicine. Whether it’s golfers with enormous and obnoxious smiles after being able to “perform better” or grown men cloaking themselves in orange Crestor apparel, this ad attempts to play to the everyday man.

What was the point of this post? Im not really sure, but at the very least you know why the guy in the Crestor ad is so happy.