Checkmate. Man Eats Opponent’s Heart After Year Long Chess Game


Whenever I lost to my brother in a board game as a kid, particularly chess, I would take the loss with noble grace by throwing the board against the wall with all the pieces. A sophisticated final move in the Game of Gods.

But, somehow my prior transgressions in chess fail in comparison to those of Saverio Bellante.

After dedicating a year of his life to a seemingly eternal chess game with his landlord Tom O’Gorman in their Dublin home, Bellante, to say the least, did not agree with the outcome.

Reports say Bellante stabbed O’Gorman dozens of times, hit him over the head with a dumbbell, and then attempted eat his organs. Reports differ if the heart was ingested, perhaps it could have been a lung.

Either way, this puts Kramer and Newman’s RISK game to absolute in terms of intensity.

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