That’s Not His Move! The San Francisco, Carolina Game Was WWE From Beginning To End


This match is scheduled for one fall.

Leading up to Sunday’s “match” between the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers, the scene was already well set.

Earlier in the week, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair inexplicably arrived in the 49ers locker room for a pep talk. Try wrapping your head around the idea that these professional athletes had gone through their whole career WITHOUT a pep talk from Ric Flair. It’s amazing they made this far.

Anyways, amid all the posing, posturing, and most importantly wooing, Flair led the battle cry to beat his hometown Panthers in an ultimate heel turn. You son of a bitch!

When Panther wide receiver Steve Smith caught wind of this, whatever relationship he had with the ageless wrestler was curtains. Like a back turn on the ramp into the locker room, “You’re nothing to me now”.

In actuality, Smith would be a great wrestling character with irrational celebration behavior, his tendency to initiate confrontations, and his odd percentage updates. Get that man some boots!

Eventually a Flair floated out there that he was receiving death threats over his sudden admiration of the Niners because of this he wouldn’t be attending the playoff game in Charlotte. Sad Woo.

Eventually, it was uncovered that Flair owed tens of thousands in separation support meaning a warrant was out for his arrest. So, would the Big Boss Man of Charlotte have the gaul to take the Nature Boy into custody? If he wanted to attend the game, the Repo Man outfit would be best unless he wanted an unflattering indication from Joe Buck like, ” Wait a second. That’s Ric Flair he’s not supposed to be here today!”.

Ok, moving on.

As for the game itself, it began and continued with multiple instances of trash talking followed by referee warnings. Succeeded by more jawing and more ignored referee warnings. Hey, just like the WWE!

But, the crescendo came when 49er QB Colin Kaepernick’s touchdown celebration involved the iconic ode to Superman motioning the action of the pulling of the shirt apart and exposing the triumphant symbol of honor and freedom: The “S”.

Hold on now! That’s Cam Newton’s move! Fans presumably were furious, threatening to instill old school wrestling disapproval by turning their backs on the product! And Joe Buck, he tried to not let his true feelings on Kaepernick be heard.

In the end, Carolina had no recourse for San Francisco’s overall game. Every positive play from the Panthers was like a meaningless blow to the head that only made them stronger as if they were in full on Hogan resurgence mode. Eventually, the legdrop was the final bell, as the 49ers won 23-10.

Overall, we loved it. But, the beauty was we wanted more. “No, were out of time! Well see you next week! Oh my god!”

Unfortunately for Panthers fans, what we saw was the final result. Unlike wrestling, where many times the good guys win after the television cuts away, the home crowd left unhappy. There was no after show.

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