Ark Of The Covenant Location Revealed? Dr.Jones Is Listening


First of all, I’m confused.

Wasn’t the Ark of the Covenant found, packaged up in a crate, and was to be reviewed by “Top Men”?

Well, I guess it’s still out there and a recently translated Hebrew text into English gives clues to the whereabouts of the holding place of the original “Ten Commandments”.

The “Treatise of the Vessels” dates back to the 1400’s and it when it comes to the exact location it says…here it comes…it “shall not be revealed until the day of the coming of the Messiah son of David,”

Jesus Christ. Yeah, Jesus, you and your friends couldn’t be a little more precise with timing and it’s resting place?

To add insult to injury, the translator, James Davila, broke hearts when he said, ” The text tells us no more about where the Ark and other treasures might be than if you watched the film”.

Excuse me, Mr. Biblical scholar with your fancy Ph.D from Harvard. The only reason anyone outside religious historians or archaeologists even care where the Ark is is because of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Whatever, they’ll never find the Ark with that attitude, besides “They’re digging in the wrong place!”


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