Evander Holyfield Once Punched A Pregnant Horse. I Guess That’s News


As if appearing on Big Brother UK wasn’t embarrassing enough for former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, add assault on a pregnant horse to an already tarnished post boxing resume.

On the latest episode, Holyfield revealed to his female “housemates” that he was once so angry after falling off an equine that he cocked back an enormous haymaker and connected to an expected mare.

Maybe, he was trying to be funny or just join the horse conversation the best he could.  Either way, one has to wonder why in a room full of contained estrogen he would reveal such a confession about a mother to be.

I guess he was using that same intelligence that squandered all of his nearly $250 million on three divorces, 11 kids, moonpies, and candy whistles.  Which is the reason, he would have to be appear on such a crappy show like Big Brother UK in the first place.

After hearing all of this, we can take away two things: Evander Holyfield-great boxer, not smart man.

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