Classy Adrien Broner Is “Glad That Baby” He Had With Fiance Died


As you can tell from the headline, recently defeated boxer Adrien Broner is a true humanitarian.  “The Problem” as he’s known, recently found out his on again off again fiance Arie aka @Missmoneybags was cheating on him.  If I were Miss Money Bags (great name by the way), I would have to question my man too after the actions of Broner’s last fight against Marcos Maidana.

Well…moving on.

After learning about the infidelity, Broner went the route many lacking any self control have gone: Twitter.


How can you not love this guy!?  He attempts to degrade guys in the ring by gyrating toward their nether regions during a fight and then he’s happy his own flesh and blood dont live.


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