Referee/Pervert Groped Girls During High School Basketball Games


Call me homophobic, but I never felt comfortable with some of the accepted mannerisms and euphemisms surrounding participating in sports.

Butt slapping and the phrase “need a blow” usually come to mind. But for a Colorado creeper moonlighting as a high school referee, the ass grab was well in play.

WELL in play.

Fifty-two year old grandfather Stephen Amador was convicted of groping the chests and butts of six girls during games in early 2013. He faces the maximum of two years for each of the nine counts.

In front of spectators, the degenerate would brush up against the girls or even flat out grab them, claiming incidental contact.

What’s even worse, if that’s possible, is that Jefferson county officials dropped the ball, as Amador was accused of a sexual assault (which was pleaded to a lesser charge) in 1991.

Honestly, the most confusing thing is how someone didn’t rush the court and the beat the ever living shit out out of this zebra during game play.


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