Fridays With Francesa 1/10/14-Inge Edition!


After a long week, doesn’t it feel good to relax with Mike Francesa?

Today’s installment deals with a Francesa love affair like no other. No, it’s not a torrid long lasting soaked crush like a Duncan, Mantle, or Arroyo like passion. But, one day, a moment in the sun, Mike dropped his guard down for Brandon Inge and let it all out.

When a caller proposes a trade, or a “match” as he phrases it, for the Mets by bringing in Brandon Inge, the juices begin to flow. Quickly, Mad Dog has to be convinced, but Mike bites on it and he bites hard.

Phrase after phrase, Mike let’s Dog know he “likes Inge” and he “likes him a lot”. For years, Mike has made a career of repeating himself for his pronounced passions, but this one took the cake. Mike is officially a fanboy.

And to make it worse, he’s very sensitive about his mountain sized Inge adoration.

Have a great weekend everyone. And thanks for the call!

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