Wrestling Legend Mae Young Is Dead. Gave Birth To Hornswoggle’s Child.


At the age of 90 years old, WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young passed away Thursday.  She entered the biz at 15 and never looked back, as she became the first ever NWA U.S. Women’s Champion and still appeared in shows up until last year.

But, I’ll always remember the sudden pregnancy and birth of “Baby New Year” at the ripe old age of 89.  The entire clip is a brilliant stroke of WWE ridiculousness. 

On the New Year Eve edition of RAW on December 31, 2012, Mae was to “perform” for the audience.  However, while partying with the talent backstage, she experienced cramps that were too much to bear.  Immediately, a doctor appeared on the scene and declared she was pregnant.  Not only did she have a bun in the oven, but she was ready to burst-RIGHT NOW!

With The Great Khali shielding a sheet to protect Mae’s privacy, Ms. Young, a year away from the age of 90, delivered a healthy “baby”, all the while being rooted on by the stars of the WWE.

It might” too soon” to say it like this but, in my best Undertaker voice”-“Rest In Peace”.

first-ever NWA U.S. Women’s Champion
first-ever NWA U.S. Women’s Champion
first-ever NWA U.S. Women’s Champion

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