Sadly, The Future of Burrito Vending Machines Is Not Bright


We’ve all been there.

After slaving through an exhaustive morning at work, you need your burrito and you need it pronto.  And if you’re a go-go person that doesn’t have time to wait that whole three minutes from line entry to completion, there’s a solution for you.

The newest burrito-making technology has arrived in the most flashy of venues: a Mobil gas station in West Hollywood, California.  Resembling a Redbox machine, the Burrito Box has touch screen options where you can choose your burrito flavor, Chorizo Sausage, Roasted Potato, Uncured Bacon, Free-Range Chicken and Shredded Beef, add your condiments (fees apply) and poof, your delicious “homemade” burrito appears at your disposal in a minute!

No, you wont have to worry about that anymore.

However, there are drawbacks.  Like the fact that it not shockingly tastes like shit.  Reviews include unflattering quotes like, “just didn’t smell like a burrito or anything savory should” and” came on strong like cheap perfume.”  So, basically it’s your typical last resort gas station burrito that you don’t want to admit you’ve indulged in when no other options were available.

Sorry, society.  I guess you have to go back to waiting an “eternity” for that fresh burrito.  Just please, don’t resort to the laziness of this woman when ordering food in the future.

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