New Haven Teachers Forced Students To Fight in Bathroom Battle Royale, Lawsuit Claims


Remember when, after to listening to you and your sibling fight for what seemed like an eternity over the most useless thing, your parents with a pronounced swoop banished you to the backyard to finish your beef?  Well, imagine some teachers you barely knew, plucked you from your class and set up an underground fight in a compact urine soaked school bathroom.

Well, that’s what the accusations are from the parent of Tyron Dupree after an incident in 2011 at James Hillhouse High School.  The recently filed suit, claims a school official, Paul Brock, pulled Dupree from class and ushered him into a “secured bathroom”, where they were met by another school official and a second student.  At this point the two students were ordered to partake in a “three round fight”.

Brock acknowledges there was an incident in the bathroom, but it only involved “spitting, name-calling and bleeding”.  When New Haven public schools were contacted about the lawsuit, the obligatory “no comment” was given.

I could just imagine the cryptic, faceless voice from Street Fighter hovering over the alleged fisitcuffs….FIGHT!!!!




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