Ok, So This Dennis Rodman To North Korea Thing Is Starting To Get Weird


Never a man to shy away from the spotlight of supreme oddity, former NBA star Dennis Rodman is traveling to North Korea…again. This time he’s bringing his washed-up friends.

Vin Baker, the bloated has-been version of the All-Star, and Cliff Robinson, most famous for looking defeated as Michael Jordan threw his hands up in the famous “I can’t explain it” motion in the 1992 NBA Finals, will be joining Rodman on his fourth journey to everyone’s favorite vacation destination, Pyongyang.

Yes, his FOURTH trip to North Korea. The Hall of Fame forward is there once again to promote the game of basketball and to celebrate the birthday of his “friend”, murderous dictator Kim Jong-Un.

At first, the pair was a funny story. “Rodman in North Korea? Haha Only the Worm!” Then he visited the country again. “He’s going again. Strange, but only Rodman could pull that off!” However, at this point I have to throw my hands up and ask, “What the hell is going on here?”.

Rodman, has captured all of our demented curiosities throughout the years, whether it’s wearing a wedding dress, dating a cracked out Carmen Electra, or well…going to North Korea. But, Rodman’s continued defense of a madman like Kim and the hellish conditions in North Korea are beginning to sound quite alarming.

We all read the news coming out of North Korea. It’s sometimes laced with hilarity, peculiarity, but more importantly the general consensus is dangerous unpredictability. Now, one of the most bizarre sports figures in decades is almost pining for second in line to the North Korean throne. We know what happened to the last guy that held that title.

So, what is Rodman’s angle, besides attention, throughout this whole charade? Honestly, I have no fucking clue. But, someone needs to nudge him and tell him, “This is bad”.

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