“Goldberg” From The Mighty Ducks Is NOT A Peeing Maniac


One would have hoped the whole Ducks team would have learned a valuable lesson from Coach Gordon Bombay’s DUI, but sadly some have followed in his footsteps of criminal mistakes. Or have they?

Remember Goldberg from “The Mighty Ducks”? Well, he’s all grown up and last year he was accused of pissing all over his ex-girlfriend. This guy never stops with the comedy!

Last April, Shaun Weis was accused of punching his ex in the face, threatening to kill her with a machete. Afterwards he unleashed his little Goldberg and urinated all over her uttering, “This is all you’re worth.” An obvious restraining order was filed.

Whoa, not funny anymore.

But, yesterday at a hearing to see if the order should be extended, the ex-didn’t show up. The restraining order and charges were dropped.

Yay, he’s funny again!

Regardless of what happened it appears that the victory against those “cake eating” Hawks twenty-one years ago has gone to his head. Make better decisions Adam and move on from the game! We’ve all moved on!

Well, most of us.



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