After Suing LMFAO, Will The Real Rick Ross Please Stand Up? (GRUNT!)


One time corrections officer and now self-proclaimed Don of the rap world,  Rick Ross is suing electronic dance poptard DJs LMFAO, for using a line “everyday I’m shuffling” in their single “Party Rock Anthem” because it is too close to his lyrically genius line “everyday I’m hustling.”

William Leonard Roberts II, aka Rick Ross, has some nerve suing anyone for ripping off a likeness to his original work.  Let’s start with his name and nickname.  Freeway Rick Ross is a legendary REAL drug dealer who operated one of the largest cocaine networks in US history.  Original Rick in fact tried unsuccessfully to sue rap Rick for using his name and persona.  Original Rick does not think highly of rap Rick.

His other nickname and album title “The Teflon Don” again belongs to a real but deceased gangster John Gotti.  While John can’t defend himself from the grave, his grandson has taken issue with the portly rhymer.

Even cars aren’t safe from the clutches of Rick’s blunt smoking paws.  His record label “Maybach Music” is lifted from a now defunct brand of high end Mercedes luxury vehicles.  Then there’s his single “Aston Martin Music”, I would assume Aston Martin music would be the sound of the super car’s engine not the grunts of an overweight rapper.  I stand corrected.

How about the video for “Push it,” a single that’s a couple of words off of the song “Push it to the Limit” from the most emulated gangster flick of all time “Scarface”.  The video and song have an uncanny resemblance to that iconic film.

Suing someone is probably the least gangster thing you could do to someone, especially to LMFAO.  The only thing less gangster would to at one time be on the other side of the law (like say, being a corrections officer) then shedding your cuffs for a made up life of crime.  Somehow this clown has become insanely rich off of a fabricated persona and now has the nerve to sue someone else for using a lyric that resembled his.

Maybe it’s because of people like me who continue to listen to and enjoy his music despite realizing he is a completely fabricated entity.  Being a Mets and Knicks fan I guess my passion for mediocrity has crossed over from sports to music.  Good luck with the lawsuit Rick!

Can’t Take credit for this one. Thank Fotios Demeris


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