Miami Heat Teammates Will Not Razz Dwayne Wade About His Love Child. Man, I Was Worried.


After becoming the 45,657,173rd player in the NBA to have a baby with someone who is not their wife/girlfriend, Heat crybaby Dwayne Wade is different from his predecessors. He deserves the ultimate respect because he cheated on his girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union.

According to sources, his teammates will not joke about the love child he created. No snapping towels, no child support jokes, nada. Dwayne Wade is a man of honor, didn’t you know that?

Imagine if someone dared to take a jab at Wade’s baby drama? Punishment would be stiff like having to wear his wardrobe for a week, watch his upcoming life based sitcom on a loop for 48 hours, or maybe even try to live up to his standards of father of the century? All dire situations.

In the end, I’m just glad Wade can continue being an unbearable douchebag night in and night out without cracks from his teammates. Over a career of being a pompous ass, he’s earned that right.


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