Gorilla Juiceheads Put Man In Coma After McDonalds Brawl


Apparently some people didn’t watch that Ben Affleck roid-rage after school special.

Outside of a Penrith, Australia McDonalds, 18-year-old Alexander McEwen was whooped by a juiced-up monster and sent into a coma. Thirteen vials of steroids were found in the home of Corey Beard after he was arrested for the beat down.

“Bro, look at the veins”

Beard, who in his own mind is probably quite awesome, let the internet know about his fondness of ultimate fighting knockouts and “world extreme fighting”.


When I was younger the most “insane” thing we did at a McDonalds was prank the drive-thru or walk up in the place of a car for our meal through the drive thru.

There is no recorded video, but here is a completely unrelated video of a McDonalds fight.

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