San Fran 49er RT Anthony Davis Is Not A Fan Of Appleton, Wisconsin


‘Twas the night before the wild card matchup with the Green Bay Packers and Anthony Davis had already had enough of Wisconsin livin can offer.

Oddly, former(?) Wrestler “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was live and in living color for a pep talk to the 49ers in their Appleton, Wisconsin hotel. I don’t even have a joke here, just overcome by mass confusion.


WOOOOO!!!! I can see he’s inspired.

But, after some criticism from chest beating Appeltonians, Davis fired back.


I’ll admit I’ve never been to Appleton and Davis has the right to say whatever he wants. But, he needs to check himself as the 70k population has been called the home by the likes of former MLB star Tony Kubek, actor William Dafoe, and commie hating senator Joseph McCarthy. You put that up the flagpole and I’ll salute it. ‘America.
Tough talk coming from a guy from Jersey with a main Wiki photo that would rather show his ass than his face.

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