Hats Off To You, Florida. Man Arrested After Having Sex With Family Dog.


Honestly, are you that shocked that this Florida man decided to partake in sex with a dog. I didn’t think so.

The pride of the ultra secret sect of Papa John’s delivery men, 22 year-old Joshua Werbicki just couldn’t help himself around his roommates German Shepard. Always running around, wanting to “play”, and craving “food”? So, he said the hell with it and literally consummated the idea of “Man’s best friend”.

Peyton and Papa shake their heads in disappointment.

His roommate suspected some dirty rough housing after the pooch was continually limping. A hidden camera was set up and presto! A clear case of canine sexual assault.

Werbicki was arrested by Palm Bay cops with a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor of sex with an animal. Ultimately, he could be banned from owning or living with an animal in the future.

Let’s hope ultimately becomes a firm definitely.

Moral of the story-besides that you shouldn’t have sex with animals-choose your roommates very wisely.

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