Bad Guys Fear The Worst As Steven Seagal May Run For Governor Of Arizona


SMACK! 2 X 4 across the head. Didn’t see it coming, did you? You never do when the man in black, Steven Seagal enters a foray of uncertainty.

The ultra-cool and never touched action hero/police man/all-around toughest man on the planet caught many by surprise when he entertained the idea of running for the highest job in all of Arizona: Governor.

Like many states laying along side Mexico, Seagal considers border control to be one of the most crucial issues facing the state. Not sure why he’s concerned though.

Presumably, Seagal would approach every border hopper, address them that they aren’t welcome, give them a less than ample amount of time to react, then moral and physically beat them down in a myriad of unsuspecting chops and hits.

All while never being struck back, as every single beautiful slicked back hair of his stays concretely in place.

Just imagine the stare-down aimed at his opponents during the debates. Classic.

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