Move Over Moe’s Family FeedBag, This Wrestling Themed Restaurant Is A Treat


“Honey, where should we go out to eat tonight?”, says man. “I don’t know”, says woman. “Maybe that Mexican place”, he says. “Or that new Thai joint”. She replies with, “I don’t know”.

Since the restaurant, I Dont Know doesn’t exist yet, take matters into your own hands and be a man.

Take her to a wrestling themed dinner spectacular already will ya?

In Orlando, Florida (obviously), wrestler Bryan Smith has founded the Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theatre. Imagine chewing into that succulent steak while sweaty beasts grapple their way to survival, all for your entertainment!

While it appears to fail in comparison to the grand stage of your common neighborhood Medieval themed feast, the idea is certainly an original, but still needs some improvement. The venue of an an apparent basement conference room doesn’t really do it for me and the food, well it can be better.

But, when you’re dining with independent wrestlers are you really expecting the Ritz?

The tickets are a little pricey ($89 for adults, $60 for kids 12 and under), but where else can you find bad acting, average food, and an experience unlike any other? Well, lots of places I guess, but give it a whirl if someone else “doesn’t know”.


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