Father Of The Year Dwayne Wade Impregnates Woman Who Is Not Gabrielle Union


Patriarch of patriarchs and all-around shithead Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade took time off from his busy schedule of playing basketball and teaching us to be better parents and knocked up some broad it was revealed.

Recently, a paternity test (because that’s what all great dads do) revealed he was the father of a baby boy born to a long time “friend”. But, it’s ok fiancĂ© Gabrielle Union was aware of the affair and love child, so it’s cool. What a rousing start to a serious relationship.

No word if this angle will be prominently displayed on the Wade inspired and soon to be short lived sitcom, Three the Hard Way

Hey Dwayne, if you put some lenses in those glasses, you might be able to see how much of a walking contradiction you are.


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