The End Is Near. People Lining Up To Buy Jordan Gammas Days Before They Go On Sale


In another sign that society is breaking down in a most pathetic way, people are camping out to buy sneakers.

Yes, in the middle of December with below freezing temperatures people are staking out their spots to be the first in line up to buy the Nike Jordan 11 Gamma Blues.

We’re not talking about the opportunity to be in the building for once in a lifetime events like a sporting event or concert. We’re talking about cheap mounds of plastic that end up costing at the most $1 to make, so eventually you can put them on your smelly feet.

China is laughing at us.

In an age where we are constantly hearing that times are tough, individuals in these lines are either taking days off from work or using work search days to buy kicks.

Honestly, I am at a loss for words. Miley Cyrus was nearly voted for as Time person of the year, but was edged out by the Pope and now this Jordan Fiasco. What’s next?

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