Bored 49ers Fans Want To Put A San Fran Billboard in Seattle


Apparently, regurgitating how many Super Bowls your team has won simply isn’t enough for a group of attention craved 49ers fans.
It seems that the emergence of the Seattle Seahawks on the left coast scene is too much for them to bear. Next move? Obviously, you buy a huge billboard waxing poetic about your history for the residents of a Seattle to see everyday.

A group of extremely overzealous Niners fans have raised over $8,000 to purchase a billboard for “a month” to display an image of Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” and their 5 SB trophies.

As a Yankee fan, I know how obnoxious fans can be with their self righteous nostalgia. This is a Grade-A example of that. Go spend $8,000 on something useful like a good lawyer on retainer for Aldon Smith.

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