Robinson Cano Ordered to Double His Whopping $600 Monthly Child Support Payments. Spoiler Alert-Baby Mama Is Not Winning Any Beauty Contests.


Robinson Cano, who just signed over any relevance to his baseball career by recently joining the Seattle Mariners, has some serious financial issues.

It appears his longstanding $600 a month payment for his child, Robinson Miguel Cano Castro, is about to skyrocket to $1200 a month. A Dominican judge ordered the increase Thursday. However, Cano’s baby mother is disappointed they can’t make Robbie “love his son more”. She should be thankful Cano is a baseball prodigy because if not he’d be laying around the house ballooning to 300lbs and making no effort to work.

And according to Jackelin Castro, the official baby mother, Cano is often late with his child support payments. A guy who made $15 million last year is tardy on peanuts to his child.

Cano sometimes seems like a space cadet who doesn’t really try hard on the field. Apparently, life imitates art. Insert, thrust, repeat and worry about the results when the time is convenient is equivalent to hit the ball hard and run hard to first when the mood strikes.


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