Seriously, Can We Talk About FarmersOnly.Com ?


I’m not sure if this will even constitute as a rational post. Most likely, it will come across as some unorganized rant wrapped in confusion with more questions than answers. But, honestly what’s the deal with ?

Usually, the first question is,”Why am I seeing this commercial?” Is this a regional airing geared toward me and my audience? As a resident of Connecticut, I’m aware of its fair share of farms. However, I’m not sure if this poorly made ad applies to me as I reside in a city with a population exceeding 120,000. As someone who qualifies as “city folk”, apparently I just don’t get it.

Ironically, FarmersOnly Media Inc. offices are located at 1501 Broadway, New York, New York. So, I guess some heartless Manhattan execs do get it.

But, the absurdity of the commercial is how excruciatingly bad it is. As if “country folk” had to be dumbed down even more, it starts with talking horses and dogs. This culminated with downright piss poor production equals that of a failed high school media elective.

It’s basically like they infused the animal personalization of the old Catskill Game Farm promo with that of the idiocy of the “Three’s Company” intro and marketed it towards “farmers, ranchers, animal lovers, nature lovers” and “folk with traditional values”.

The commercial is so laughable that it took me a good 5-7 viewings before I started recognizing it as a “real” production and not some phony gag.

I guess now American Gothic has met the American public. Farmers need their heaping amounts of love too, but good lord could they put together something a little more realistic and not done so shitty?

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