No Biggie. Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancé May Have Lied Over 30 Times To Grand Jury Says Prosecutor


If Shayanna Jenkins is guilty of anything it’s standing by her man, accused murderer and former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez. Oh, and lying in court up to 30 times.

According to prosecutors in a detailed perjury charge released Monday, Jenkins either fibbed or played dumb to a Fall River, Massachusetts grand jury on a plethora of questions.

Highlights of her misremembering include not recalling what she did with a box Hernandez told her to dispose of and having no recollection of Odin Lloyd murder conversations with Hernandez.

Seriously, you can’t be expected to remember every murder conversation you have with a loved one. We’ve all been there. Am I right?

If the accusations are true, Jenkins obviously has a beyond low notch on the character totem pole. Not only because she’s hindering a murder investigation, but also because Lloyd was dating her sister!

Maybe her love for Hernandez is that deep that she’ll risk life and limb to protect him. Or maybe her memory is just a little hazy as she sits alone in a four cornered room.

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