Never Forget Joe Beningo’s Creepy Interview With Kate Upton. Yes, That Kind Of Creepy


It’s the holiday season and it’s time for WFAN’s midday host Joe Beningo to thoroughly creep out listeners by walking a tightrope by interjecting sexually themed statements in ads.

Through the back and forth on Twitter yesterday regarding Beningo’s dirty old man routine, a solo Kate Upton interview was mentioned. I’d never heard this presumably awkward interview, so I listened.

As you can tell, Joe B. is an enormous pervert. Just listening to him reflect on Upton being 19 years old at the time had the slimy feeling of a frat boy cornering a drunk chick at a party. This would even make Chris Hansen blush.

Speaking of drunk chicks, throughout the interview Upton seems brain dead and/or drunk. Even thinking Beningo was morning show host Craig Carton.

All this equals radio gold.

Of course, much thanks to @wfanaudio who makes these morsels of enjoyment available to us a.

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