Man Robbed At Gunpoint For Turkey On Thanksgiving-Humanity Crumbling


I’ve experienced Thanksgiving in Bridgeport, Connecticut many times as a kid, but never did a robbery take place for the gifts we were about to receive.

Last Thursday, a Park City man was walking to his friend’s house with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings, when some ruffians stuck him up for his feast. In addition, his wallet with $100 was also stolen for good measure.

The 911 dispatchers who took the call were at first skeptical, but once they realized the incident was a true turkey heist, they pitched in and went the Boston Market route of Thanks for the victim.

A Bridgeport miracle!

Stealing a turkey on Thanksgiving is no way to earn street credit, in fact it might even be worse than Omar Little’s code of no killing on Sunday.

But, a word to the wise to the suspects: People have long memories.

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