The Chris Stewart Yankee Experience Is Over


In 2012, he arrived in New York a .228 lifetime hitter. He leaves the Yankees with a career .225 hitter.

Yes, today was Chris Stewart’s Bronx day of reckoning, as he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for the always popular “player to be named later”. Unfortunately, the thrill is gone.

Over the past two years, we’ve become accustomed to his dreadful hitting that dances “oh so close” to the Mendoza line. We’ve come to expect his inability to stop pitches in the dirt, as he was second in the league in passed balls with 11 in 2013.

However, on a personal note I’ll miss his mind boggling and inept base running. With the speed of Prince Fielder, but the mindset of Rickey Henderson, he took an insane amount of chances on the base paths. More times than not, Stewart’s track and field capabilities killed Yankee rallies or destroyed them before they began.

All in all, it’s a bit unfair to COMPLETELY pile on Stewart. He is what he is. A career backup catcher at best that should be thanking God everyday he has a job in the majors. But, due to the Yankees steadfast refusal to address the backstop position, Stewart was thrust into a role he had no place being in.

Good luck, Mr. Stewart. You’ll never be forgotten in pinstripes. Well, most likely you will be.

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