Just A Reminder, PETA Doesn’t Approve Of Your Thanksgiving Meal You Monster

Today as you sit down with your family and appreciate everything you have to be thankful for, just remember the People’s Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) think you’re a disgusting, murderous, pathetic excuse for a creature.

Yes, as you sink your teeth into that dry, but succulent, light or dark turkey meat YOU are part of the problem.

PETA has created a commercial, that has been denied by most cable providers, outing the cruel conditions that turkeys exist in and the torturous path they go through before they reach your plate.

A dirty little secret in the meat industry is that the video probably isn’t that far off. While the landscape probably isn’t as brutal as Upton Sinclair witnessed, The Jungle still exists to a certain point.

The problem I have with PETA is their insulting way of exposing the truth. By educating you to the questionable treatment of some animals, they make you feel like a violator who should be flogged in the public square. By using a cute little girl at the dinner table to read the turkey riot act, PETA relies on sanctimonious shock value.

If PETA ever wants to be taken seriously, they should probably try to promote education, instead of pejorative punches to the face. Barbs laced with faux outrage will turn anyone off.

Until then, enjoy the dead bird on your table in the honor of hundreds of years of dead birds being on tables!

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