Woman Outs Walmart Pervert Playing With Himself In Best Possible Way


For whatever reason, some people need to experience solo stimulation in public.

Thirty-seven year old Brian Hounslow is one of those people.

Obviously, he was not master of his domain, but did he need to accept defeat in the woman’s bathroom of Walmart?

Unfortunately, for him he picked the wrong Walmart. In the middle of experiencing the erotica only a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart can provide. By chance a woman by the name of Beth Davis walked in on his degenerate nirvana.

She then proceeded to follow him around the store bellowing his actions as if she was Paul Revere to Walmart shoppers and employers. All the while recording his price-saver walk of shame.

Eventually, Hounslow was arrested for indecent exposure and bail was set at $5,000.

It’s safe to say that Hounslow is now one of the most notorious “People of Walmart”.

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