Silly Knicks Fans Have Been Having Fun With Owner James Dolan’s Band’s Wiki Page


Sick and tired of the embarrassment known as the New York Knicks? Fed up with the irrational actions of of its clueless owner James Dolan?

Well, obviously some Knicks fans are.

Suspected and disgruntled Knickerbocker fans took to the Wikipedia page of Dolan’s band, JD & The Straight Shot. Under the discography details for the chart topping (not really) album Can’t Make Tears ,some interesting songs were substituted for the original ballads.

Who could forget tunes like Dirty Little Secret: Dolan Blows, Reunion with Isiah in Hell, and Wasting Knicks Fans Time ?

All the hits are here for one low,low price!

Currently, the Knicks are 3-10 and the inner squabbling is on the verge of derailing the season in late November.

The Knicks, like Dolan’s real or fake song track, most certainly suck.

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