Apparently, Riding Sharks For Sport Is Now A Thing

1299707349_2In what sounds like a truly terribly idea, a new trend has hit the oceanography front.  Instead of swimming with constant fear that a shark will emerge from under you and end your life in the most gruesome way possible (like myself), now daredevils are seeking out these aquatic predators and “riding them“.

So, the game is played when the participant encounters a shark, grabs it by the dorsal fin and holds on for the unique underwater ride.  According to Shark Attack Newswhich is beyond terrifying, this new craze is a “dangerous game that will most certainly end badly for some unfortunate soul”.

Well, I’m glad someone said it.

It all started when a group of activists wanted to show the world that sharks are gentle creatures that would never attack humans unprovoked.  So, they started partaking in videos in which they would ride these awe-inspiring creatures debunking their reputation like that of Jaws.

So, now idiots in hope of viral fame have begun posting their videos of riding sharks.  In the end, while the do-gooders meant to promote shark positivity, they will ultimately be responsible for countless people being ripped to shreds by these blood thirsty monsters.


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