Remember When Reggie Jackson Suited Up For The Seattle Mariners?


Well, he did. Kind of.

During that magical year of disco, the 1979 MLB All-Star game was held in Seattle’s Kingdome, home of the brand spanking new Seattle Mariners.

So on photo day, Yankee slugger Reggie Jackson noticed he “forgot” his Yankee jersey. He was batting .283 at the time, a full 21 points above his career average, so it’s possible Reggie was so busy swinging a bat in the mirror that his jersey simply wasn’t on his list of priorities.

Regardless, when it was time to cheese for the All-Star photo, Jackson had to slip into a Mariners jersey or be left out of history.

He chose the former and became an odd part of baseball lore.

But, we all know what his most impressive performance was when the Mariners were involved.

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