Read From Disgruntled Neighbors of Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Who Don’t Appreciate Its Sweet Nectar


As a hot sauce lover and part time coniesieur, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of Sriracha hot sauce. Years ago, it was that odd red plastic bottle with the image of a rooster and a peculiar green spout that could potentially peak ones curiosity at a local Thai restaurant. However, over time it has infiltrated the condiment world and almost became mainstream to a certain extent.

But, and there’s always a but, some crybabies near the main plant in Irwindale, California fail to see the wonderment captured inside every bottle and the hard work dedicated to its production.

If you haven’t heard, over the past few months some of the 1,422 residents of Irwindale have been whining to their government officials about the air quality surrounding the plant. In fact, there have even been legal discussions and proceeding involving shutting the plant down, which could potentially rob the world of chili pepper happiness forever.

Never underestimate the power of assholes in groups.

Grievances include resident Megan Zepeda saying, “her children are getting bloody noses more frequently”. Why are your kids getting bloody noses in the first place? My hypothesis-Bad Parenting.

And this one from an unknown resident stating that, “the odors make it uncomfortable to stay in their residence” and they feel hopeless because they need to “escape the vapors”. Vapors of hot sauce? I should be paying Huy Fong foods, producer of Sriracha, to live so close and enjoy the pleasure.

So in total 13 residents of a run down gravel-pit town control the destiny of the finest of the fine hot sauces.

In the world of hot sauces, Sriracha is not even close to the top of the Scoville unit, the scientific measuring tool for hotness. But, it’s ability to virtually go with any food in a tangy, zesty, kick is unmatched. The rest of the mainstream hot sauces are watery pepper run-off culminated with heaping amounts of salt that add no real flavor other than a dousing of excessive sodium.

In the end, I hope Sriracha can prevail and continue production. With so many issues in the world, I feel I can speak for the global population when I say, ” We need this”.

As for the complainers, forgive the cliche but, “If you can’t take the heat, get your ass out the kitchen”.


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