Trent Richardson Is “Playing Good”, Says Trent Richardson

179895-330-0First of all Trent, it’s “well”.  You’ve been playing “well”.  And second of all, you haven’t been playing well.  You’ve been playing like shit.

When he was traded to the Colts early in the season, many saw the acquisition of Richardson as a smart, savvy move for a young and upstart Colts team.  In fact on his first carry as a Colt in Week 1, he waltzed into the comfort of the end zone with a touchdown.

As of this date, he now has two touchdowns.

His ineptitude through eight games is startling.  The former No. 6 draft pick is averaging a dismal 2.8 yards a carry, which totals at 292 rushing yards.  That’s bad.  How bad? Colts QB Andrew Luck has 231 yards on the ground with four rushing touchdowns this year.

Yea, that kind of bad.

The good news is the Colts are 7-3 and in first place in the AFC South.  So, at this point I guess they could handle a little Richardson delusion.

Hey Trent, if you can see the progress, that’s all that matters.

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