Hate The Word “Selfie”? Blame The Drunk Australian Who Coined The Term 11 Years Ago


Personally, I can’t stand the word “selfie”. Nerves filled with conniption like dirtiness reign throughout my body every time I hear it.

Yes, I dislike it that much.

But, I feel a little better now, as I have a scapegoat for this trendy word.

As the story goes, in 2002 some drunk Aussie named “Hopey” came home after getting bombed and had questions for “the internets”. During his carousing, he sustained a cut to his lip and asked the world for advice on the wound and dubbed his picture as a “selfie”.

No one knows much about “Hopey”, other than clues like dialect and his Sydney college in 2002.

So Australia, you’ve given us Fosters, Yahoo Serious, and the term “selfie”.

That’s 0-3, mates.

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