Dwyane Wade Sells The Struggles Of Being A Multi-Millionaire Dad To FOX

HeatWadeNewsflash! Dwyane Wade is not the first father in the history of the world!

But, for as much as I have to hear about his parental skills, one would think he invented raising children all by himself.  Apparently, soulless Hollywood executives agree as Wade has sold a sure to be hilarity filled comedy to FOX about a single parent dad who happens to be a basketball player.

Unfortunately,Three the Hard Way, will not feature Wade as he has obvious obligations like being a better dad then you (or a better dad than your dad) and playing basketball for the Miami Heat.  Although it’s not confirmed, sources also said there was no way they could fit all of Wade’s whining and excessive posturing into a 22 minute time slot.

I’m not sure why Wade gets more praise than any other athlete for his patriarchical intuition.  Perhaps, it’s because his ex-wife is batshit insane or that in the NBA illegitimate conception occur as often clanked free throws.  Regardless, I’m frankly sick and tired of Wade family portraits, otherwise known as commercials, and praise being thrown his way when he takes a private plane on his off day to watch his son play basketball.  Father of the year!

But, I guess TV dad monsters like Bob Saget and Andy Griffith have to step aside and make away for the angel, Dwyane Wade.  And if they don’t pay homage to the #1 Dad, he’ll complain to the point of exhaustion until he gets his way.

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