All That Untreated Human Waste In Rio De Janeiro Is Going To Be Great For The 2016 Olympics


Usually, we associate Rio de Janeiro with beautiful beaches, outrageously high crime rates, and scantily clad hotties at Carnival.

Well, added another notch on the belt: Human cesspool.

Apparently, a steady flow of fecal matter is running wild all around the unconstructed Olympic Park to the tune of 78 times higher than what Brazilian authorities seem satisfactory and 195 times higher than US standards.

In some areas, the water in Guanabara Bay is neck deep in “feces”. And if you plan on holding out until low tide for the poo to dissipate, then good luck. At that point, you’ll have to combat the old washing machines, soggy couches, and your typical displaced household trash that take up real estate for half the day.

Feces or discarded furniture entrenched with feces? Like Black Sheep, the choice is yours.

Since, the Olympics is a great big bore I couldn’t care less and won’t be watching.

However, Brazil is a rapidly growing global economy and when the world cameras descend on the country, the image of constantly circulating trash and human shit certainly doesn’t bode well for a national portrait.

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