Good News-Chain Smoking Toddler Kicks Habit. Bad News-He Is Still Extremely Unhealthy

Remember Aldi Rizal? Of course you don’t. Remember that chain smoking baby from Indonesia? Ahh, now you remember him.

Well, through the power of Chantix, the patch, or just plain cold turkey he’s been able to quit the deadly vice. No more smokes for him and that’s good news. Recent studies have shown its good to quit puffing at five years old.

But, and there’s always a but, he’s replaced bogeys with heaping mounds of junk food, which he washes down with a nice tall glass of condensed milk.

His family is pleading with him to eat fresh vegetables, but a five year-old former smoker pretty much does what he pleases.

I always love the townspeople mesmerized by Rizal’s smoking. I guess yokels in remote villages are amused by anything. Oh, excuse me while I repeatedly watch a monkey riding a dog.

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